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PHP is one of the most common technology, used to create dynamic websites. it is the most popular open-source scripting language. The term ‘PHP’ stands for Hypertext Preprocessor (earlier called, Personal Home Page). Currently, the latest version of PHP is version 7.2, with version 7.3 being created now. We offer professional PHP website development services in Indore, India. The AVS Technology ranks as one of the top PHP development company in Indore.
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Today, you’ll find out about seven global websites using PHP, including:

1) Facebook 

2) Wikipedia 

3) Tumblr 

4) Slack 

5) MailChimp 

6) Etsy 

7) WordPress 

Advantage of PHP language:-

PHP language can be used on every web server and on every Operating System (OS). Open-source essentially means that the PHP Group provides the entire source code for other people to build, add-to/extend and customize for their or their business use. Also, PHP language is very helpful to customize any WordPress website. 

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